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What is Horisan Metabolic Typing and how does it work?

Metabolic Typing acknowledges that people are different from each other. Not only in their external characteristics, but also in internally. By discovering your own metabolic type you will get to know what kind of diet works the best for you!

Over thousands of years of evolutionary history when groups of people moved to different parts of the globe they developed very distinct nutritional needs in response to evolutionary forces of adaption, natural selection, genetic mutation, climate, geography and whatever plant and animal life their environment had to offer. As a result of this people today have widely varied looks, hair, eye and skin colour. Different sizes and shapes of the organs, different heart rate and blood type. As a matter of fact your requirement for food is as unique as your fingerprint.

The metabolism of the human body is extremely complex. Not all the types of diet are ideal for everyone!

Metabolism defined by:

- Autonom Nervous System

- Oxidative System-

- Hormonal System

- Blood type

These factors give our unique metabolic feature. There are countless combinations of each subtype. These parameters appear in our physical structure and even in our personality.

Autonomic Nervous System

is widely reffered to as the master regulator of metabolism because it controls all those functions that are not under conscious control. These include your heart rate, digestion, respiration, cellular activity,immune activity and other functions. It is also divided into two distinct branches.

1. The Sympathetic Nervous System  uses energy and is often referred to as the "fight or flight" response. 

2. The Parasympathetic Nervous System  conserves energy and helps with the digestion of food. 

Oxidative System

Oxidative system refers to the rate at which cells convert food into energy. Some people are fast oxidizers who can rapidly convert food into energy. In contrast to this, slow oxidizers convert food into energy at a slow rate.


Hormonal type

Hormonal type shows what kind of foods are causing hormonal fatigue and fattening. It is very interesting, because some people gain weight from coffee, some from red meat or spicy foods by stimulating the dominant hormonal gland.

Blood type

Certain foods contain lecitin, substances that can cause digestive disorders,headaches, food allergies and a host of other problems, since various lecitins react only with certain kinds of blood type cells.

Some nutrients stimulate OR strenghten the Symphatetic Nervous System while having just the opposite effect on the Parasymphatetic Nervous System. Other nutrients stimmulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System while having just the opposite effect on the Symphatetic Nervous System.  

Therefore by eating the right nutrients with regard to the right macronutrient ratio, the Autonomic Nervous System  will then find balance,which then can carry out it’s work effectevly.

All metabolic activity takes place at the cellular level. Each cell in our body is like a biochemical factory. To optimase your energy production you need a full sprectrum of nutrients. 

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I never had any weight issues in my life,I could eat whatever I wanted. The reason why I chose to have my metabolic type checked is that I was curious about the results. The only symphtom I tried to deal with was the reguality of visiting the toilet-no luck. Tunde talked about how important it is to eat according to my type and the appropriate macronutrient intake. After my check we had discovered that I needed a high carbohydrate and low protein diet, also that my pancreas was not working optimally. It opened my eyes,if I continue the way I eat, I could have insulin resistant soon. I took Tunde's advice very seriously, and followed her recommendations. After only 5 weeks my pancreas became stronger by 25% and have no more problem visiting the toilet.


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Metabolic Typing made me undersand my body and gave me the tools to have a healthy diet. I always wanted to have a healthy lifestyle but although I tried different diets I never felt good. With metabolic typing I found my body's needs. For example, I realised that it's not beacause green tea is good for some people that it will be good for me, in fact it's not. After trying this method I feel I know myslelf better and I am making my body and mind happier.


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