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Your health is in your hands, I give you the compass to it, the rest is up to you..

Consultation & Price: Bio

What does the consultation include?

  • Body composition check with an Omron scale

  • Metabolic type determination with EVA 3000

  • Discovering your cellular energy level

  • Discovering your ideal proportion of carbohydrate, protein and fat

  • Discovering your carbohydrate tolerance 

  • Discovering your hormonal type

  • Food testing

  • Own supplement test (optional)

  • You get a categorized (beneficial, neutral, avoid) list of more than 400 food and beverage according to your type

  • Sport recommendation for you hormonal type

We discuss the results and talk through what, why and how to make change. I guarantee I give you lots of new information​ to digest. :-)

I offer my support by email or text message anytime you have any questions.

The consultation takes about 2hrs for the price of £129

Follow up consultation optional whenever you like, but it is recommended in about 2 months when we re-test with Omron scale and EVA3000.

Takes about 45 minutes for the price of £55

Consultation & Price: Welcome
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