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How do I know my type?

EVA 3000 is a Nutritional Analysis medical device invented by Dr. Klaus D. Holzrichter German doctor and naturopath.

To describe the functions of the device we have to start by briefly touching on two homoeostatic control system of the human body.

Every living organism is communicating with its environment all the time. It always need to adapt to the ever changing conditions both inside and outside of it. On the physical level the autonomy nervous system enables an organism to adapt to changes within a fraction of a second. If a human for instance receives some devastating news and breaks out in sweat,or the pulse rate goes up, he turns pale or blushes or developes stomach pains,these are just a few of a whole range of possible reactions showing the quick response of the ANS to the bad news.

Control on the cellular level: 

Every living organism produces an electromagnetic field of low intensity around itself, which can be measured physically. One of the properties of such an electro-magnetic field is its ability to resonate with other magnetic fields near it. Therefore every living organism constantly communicates with its environment.

Accordingly, there are electromagnetic field like Schumann-waves that act positively and there are others acting detrimentally i.e. AC,DECT and mobile phone frequencies etc. The testing device EVA 3000 utilises these principles. A range of different frequencies are sent to the client

The information is delivered through a wrist strap (which is connected to the client) in the form of tiny, painless electromagnetic impulses. The vibrations of the test materials give answers in the form of arm reflex response.

The client’s asserted reaction to the signals are not detected by the device but by methods such as kinesiology, physioenergetics, RAC, biotensor… by an alternative practitioner performing the test.

With the device  the following parameters are determined :

1. Which type of diet is present in the autonomic nervous system

2. Which type of nutrition is in the  combustion system

3. Which is the dominant metabolic type

4. Which type of gland is present

5. Which foods cause weightgain

6. How can obesity be reduced or  prevented

7. Which sports are suitable for you

8. Which foods improve energy? Which ones rob energy

9. How much carbohydrate, protein and fat does the organism need per meal

10. How big is the current cell energy in percentage 1-100

11. Whether incompatibilities exist with staple foods such as wheat, gluten or milk

12. Which dietary supplements support and which ones harm the body

The Testing Method & Scientific background: Services


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1930  Dr.Weston Price „Nutrition And Physical Degeneration”

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1970  Dr. William Kelley "Metabolic treatment for cancer"

1987  Dr.William L. Wolcott  the founder of  "The Metabolic Typing Diet"

2003  Dr. Klaus D. Holzrichter doctor and naturopath,inventor of  EVA 3000 Metabolic Analyser device

The Testing Method & Scientific background: Quote
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